Blessed James Oldo

Also known as

  • James of Oldo
  • James D’Oldo
  • James of Lodi
  • James Oldi
  • Jakob….
  • Jacopo….
  • Giacomo….



The son of Marchese and Fiordonina Oldo, his father died when the boy was young, leaving him a legacy that allowed to grow up a rich and self-indulgent youth. Married to Catharine Bocconi, a woman of similar disposition; father of three children. The death of a friend to disease brought his own mortality to James’ attention and matured him slightly. Then one day a travelling reproduction of the Holy Sepulchre came to his home town of Lodi, Italy. As a joke, James lay down on it to compare his height to Christ’s. While lying there, he had an almost instantaneous conversion experience.

He became a Franciscan tertiary. James took care of a sick priest who, in return, taught him Latin. His mother and wife were opposed to James’s change until his mother had a vision of being before the judgement seat of God. Both women became Franciscan tertiaries and turned their mansion into a center for prayer. They and spent their later years working with the sick and the prisoners taken in the civil war that devastated Lodi.

Upon his wife‘s death, James became a priest in 1397. His acts of penance became so severe that his bishop had to order him to eat at least three times a week. Preacher whose life and words moved many to enter the religious life. Had the gift of prophecy; predicted wars and his own death.



  • 18 April 1404 of an unknown buried in the church of Saint Julian, the construction of which he and his wife had financed
  • when moved seven years after his death, his body was found incorrupt
  • re-interred in the nearby Church of Sant’Egidio in 1580
  • re-interred in the Cathedral of Lodi in 1789


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