Blessed James of Voragine

Blessed James of VoragineAlso known as

  • James of Varazze
  • James of Viraggio
  • James of Genoa
  • Giacomo….
  • Jacob….
  • Jacobus….
  • Jacopo….



Dominican in 1244 at age 14. Taught theology and Bible study. Prior of his house in Genoa, Italy. Provincial of Lombardy from 1267 to 1286 where he was a noted preacher. Chosen archbishop of Genoa in 1286, but refused the position. Genoa was placed under interdict for supporting a revolt against the King of Naples; Pope Nicholas IV apppointed James to raised the interdict in 1288. Again chosen archbishop of Genoa in 1292, and this time he was ordered to accept.

He tried to reconcile the warring Guelphs and Ghibellines, was generous to the poor, built and repaired churches, monasteries, and hospitals. He worked to insure clerical discipline, and is reported to have translated the Bible into Italian, though no copies have survived. Wrote the Legenda Aurea Sanctorum (the Golden Legend), a collection of scores of tales of the saints; it has become an invaluable source for information on the middle ages.




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