Blessed James of Strepar

Blessed James of StreparAlso known as

  • Jakub Strzemię
  • Protector of the Kingdom



Born to the Polish nobility. Franciscan. Guardian of the Franciscan friary in Lviv, Poland. Defended mendicant friars from attacks by secular clergy. Was especially close to the Orthodox community in the area, and worked to reduce tensions between them and Catholic Christians. Vicar-general of Franciscan missions in western Russia, he worked and preacher to revitalize the faithful, and promoted devotion to Mary. Helped organized the Travellers for Christ c.1360, a group of Franciscan and Dominican friars who lived and traveller together to conduct parish missions. Archbishop of Halicz, Galacia in 1392; he served for 19 years, all the while continuing to wear his Franciscan habit, travel on foot, and live as a friar. He built religious houses, schools, hospitals and churches, and brought Polish priests to his diocese to staff his new institutes. Worked with the Polish parliment on practical, secular matters to improve the lot of the people.




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