Blessed Ivo of Chartres

wall painting of Saint Ivo of Chartres; mid-18th-century by Joseph Dietrich; parish church of Saint John the Baptist, Rebdorf, Eichstätt, Germany; photographed on 18 March 2014 by GFreihalterAlso known as

  • Yves
  • Yvo



Born to the French nobility. Studied in Paris and the abbey of Bec in Normandy. Fellow student with Saint Anselm of Canterbury. Prior at Saint Quentin, Beauvais c.1069. Teacher. Bishop of Chartres in 1090. Consulted on matters of theology and canon law, and a strong opponent of simony. Imprisoned for opposing King Philip I’s attempt to abandon his wife to make another marriage in 1092. Many of his letters and sermons survive to today. One of the most notable bishops of France at the time of the lay investiture controversy.





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