Blessed Ivan Ziatyk

Blessed Ivan Ziatyk, date and photographer; swiped from the Yorkton RedemptoristsAlso known as

  • Ivano
  • John
  • Johannes



Greek Catholic. Graduated high school in 1919, and obtained a degree in theology in 1923. Ordained in 1923. Taught catechism and theology, and served as prefect of students at the seminary at Peremysyl, Poland from 1925 to 1935. Joined the Redemptorists in 1935. Noted preacher when stationed at Lviv.

Prior of the monastery in Ternopil during the Nazi occupation. Vicar General of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church after his superiors were arrested or expelled. Arrested on 5 January 1950 for his faith, for preaching, and for being a Redemptorist. Held in Zolochiv prison, then exiled to Ozerlah, Irkhutsk, Russia. Tortured routinely, beaten severely, and eventually died in prison. One of the Martyrs Killed Under Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe.





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