Blessed Isfrid of Ratzeburg

detail of a holy card image of Blessed Isfrid of Ratzeburg about to change water to wine; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Isfried
  • Isfrido



Premonstratensian canon at the Cappenenberg monastery in Westphalia (in modern Germany). Provost of the Premonstratensian house of Jerichow in 1159. Bishop of Ratzeburg, Germany in 1180; he served for 24 years, continued to live by the Premonstratensian rule, and was known for his simple life. He worked to bring the Wends to Christianity. Restored the monastery of Floreffe (in modern Belgium) after it burned, and built many churches throughout the region. Recorded miracles include changing water to wine when needed, and healing a blind man by reciting Scripture over him.




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