Blessed Isabel Sánchez Romero


Also known as

  • Sister Asunción of Saint Joseph
  • Sister Ascensión de San José
  • Isabella…


Isabella joined the Dominicans at age 17, taking the name Sister Ascensión de San José; she was known as an obedient, silent, hardworking and humble sister. Imprisoned and abused by antiCatholic Communist forces in the Spanish Civil War, she was ordered to renounce her faith and blaspheme; her captors apparently thought it would be funny to see a 76 year old nun do so. She refused. She was murdered with a group of fellow Christians, including her nephew Florencio. She was the last one killed, she never stopped praying during the massacre, and her captors decided not to simply shoot her like the others, but to beat her to death with a rock. Martyr.




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