Blessed Hyacinth-Marie Cormier

Blessed Hyacinth-Marie CormierAlso known as

  • Louis-Stanislas-Henri Cormier
  • Henri Cormier Bracquemond



Born to a family of wealthy merchants, the son of François-Bernard Cormier and Marguerite-Felicité Bracquemond, he was baptized at the age of one day with the name Louis-Stanislas-Henri Cormier, but his family always called him Henri. His father died when Louis was a small boy, his brother soon after, and his uncle, a parish priest, helped raise him. Studied at home, then with the Christian Brothers, and entered the minor seminary in the diocese of Orléans, France at age 13. Could play the flageolet (a woodwind similar to a recorder), organ and ophicleide (a brass, trumpet-like instrument), and was known as a fine singer; Franz Liszt is reported to have admired Louis’ skills at the organ.

Henry became a Dominican tertiary while in seminary, graduated at the top of his class, and was ordained on 17 May 1856, having obtained a special dispensation as he was technically too young. Received the Dominican habit on 29 June 1856, taking the name Hyacinthe-Marie. Afflicted with a recurring hemorrhaging problem, he continued his studies and was allowed to make his profession on 23 May 1859 though everyone assumed it was on his death-bed. However, he survived, soon after made a complete recovery, and became active in his Order and his house.

Noted confessor and teacher, he is known to have written 171 texts in his life. Master of novices. Prior of the convent of Corbara in Corsica, France in 1863. Prior-Provincial of Toulouse, France from 1865 to 1874. Prior of the Dominican community in Marseilles, France. Served as Prior-Provincial again from 1878 to 1888. Definitor of the Dominican General Chapter of Lyons, France in 1891. Procurator of the Dominicans, working in Rome, Italy. In 1899 Pope Leo XIII considered elevating Father Hyacinthe-Marie to cardinal, but held off due to the political problems with France that would ensure over the appointment.

Served as the 76th Master of the Dominicans from 21 May 1904 until 1916. He restored many of the suppressed Dominican provinces, and helped the Order expand into western United States. Founded the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena of Auch. Noted and powerful preacher. Worked for the beatifications of Blessed Reginald of Orléans, Blessed Bertrand Garrigue, Blessed Raymond of Capua, and Blessed Andrew Abellon. Helped re-organize what became the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome. He finally retired to live his remaining days as a prayerful monk at the priory of the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome.





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