Blessed Herculaneum of Piegaro

Also known as

  • Ercolano
  • Herculan



Franciscan friar minor. Priest in the early 15th century. Noted and distiguished travelling preacher known to his his austerity, his long fasts, and as a miracle worker. While he was preaching in the cathedral of Lucca, Italy during Lent of 1430, the city came under seige by the army of Florence, Italy; Herculaneum rallied the people of Lucca, found ways to smuggle food into the city, and helped them keep their faith until the seige ended; the people of Lucca gave him the Pozzuolo convent in thanks and to insure he returned. Sent by the papal legate to preach missions in the east from 1435 to 1437.




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