Blessed Hemma of Gurk

Blessed Hemma of GurkAlso known as

  • Emma
  • Gemma



Born to the nobility, and a relative of emperor Saint Henry II; Countess of Zeltschach. Educated at the court of Henry II where she was a lady-in-waiting to Saint Cunegundes.

Married to Blessed William of Sann in the diocese of Gurk, Austria; it was arranged marriage, but a very happy one. Mother of two, Wilhelm and Hartvig, both of whom were murdered by the miners they were supervising when they planned to execute one of the workers. The parents turned to prayer as a way to deal with their grief. Blessed William died returning from pilgrimage to Rome, Italy.

Widowed and childless, Hemma withdrew from society, spending her life and fortune in charity and to found Benedictine houses including the double-monastery of Gurk Abbey in Carinthia, Austria in 1043. where she retired; may have become a nun, but records are unclear.






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