Blessed Gregorio Martos Muñoz

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Born to a farm family who had migrated from Válor, Spain to Argentina in search of a better life; Gregorio was baptized at the age of nine days. When the boy was ten years old, the family returned to Spain. When he was old enough, Gregorio studied at the seminary in Granada, and was such an able student that he graduated early, and served as a teacher before ordination. Ordained a priest in the archdiocese of Granada in 1933. As a parish priest, he was known as a gentle pastor who lived a life of poverty, and cared deeply about the sacramental life for the poor.

Father Gregorio was arrested by antiCatholic forces at the start of the Spanish Civil War, and was imprisoned in Dalias, Berja and El Ejido prisons. His captors tried to get him to renounce his faith, and at one point tried to get him to desecrate a medal of the Virgin Mary; he swallowed it to get it away from them. They eventually gave up on changing him, and murdered him instead. Martyr.





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