Blessed Gratia of Cattaro

[Blessed Gratia of Cattaro]Also known as

  • Gracija of Cattaro
  • Gratia of Kotor
  • Grazia of Cattaro



Son of a poor fisherman. Adriatic fisherman and farmer in his youth. Sailor. In 1468, while on a trip to Venice, Italy he heard a sermon by Blessed Simon of Camerino; he was so moved that he gave up his worldly life and became an Augustinian lay brother at the monastery of Monte Ortono near Padua, Italy. He worked in the garden, monastery and sacristy. After 15 years he was transferred to the monastery of San Cristoforo on Murano off the shore of Venice; he lived there the rest of his life. Famous for his gift of infused knowledge, that is, knowing things that there was no reason to suspect he had learned. A light was said to shine over is cell, and he was known as a miracle worker. Had a special devotion to the Eucharist and spent his spare time in adoration.




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