Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi

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Also known as

  • Pino Puglisi


Son of Carmelo and Giuseppa Fana Puglisi, a cobbler and a seamstress. Ordained on 2 July 1960 as a priest in the archdiocese of Palermo, Italy. Parish priest in the areas of Settacannoli, Romagnolo, Vadessi, Godrano and Brancaccio in Italy. Confessor of the Basilian sisters Figlie di Santa Macrina. Taught at a number of schools from 1962 to 1993. Worked with youth in the poorest areas of his assignments, and helped teach anyone who would listen about the reforms of Vatican II that were designed to revilatize the involvement of the laity. Worked in Godrano to end bloody vendettas, and reconciled families broken by violence. Member of the Presenza del Vangelo. Vice-rector of the seminary in Palermo on 9 August 1978; director of diocesan vocations on 24 November 1979 and of the region on 5 February 1986. The work he did in schools, with vocations and in the neighborhoods proved a model for later teachers who work from the Christian point of view. Worked with groups of nuns, priests and lay people to improve living conditions and to denouce crime and the collusion of elected officials with organized crime. He received a series of threats, and was murdered at home by the mafia for his work. Martyr.





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