Blessed Giuliana of Collalto

copper engraving of Blessed Giuliana of Collalto by Antonio Menegon; scanned from the book 'Collalto'; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Juliana



Born to the Italian nobility, the daughter of Count Rambaldo VI and Countess Giovanna of Sant’Angelo of Mantua. She received a Christian education, and at age 12, she entered the Benedictine convent of Santa Margherita di Salarola near Calaone, Italy. There she became a friend of Blessed Beatrix of Este the Elder who entered the convent in 1220. Founded a Benedictine convent on the island of Spinalonga (modern Giudecca) off Venice, Italy, and served as its abbess. Known for her charity and care for the local poor. Late in life she began suffering from severe headaches, possibly migraines, which led to her patronage of others who do.

Blessed Giuliana was reported to be a miracle worker, including –

• instantly healing the shattered broken arm of one of her nuns by praying over her

• she went to the prison cell of an innocent man, opened the prison doors and removed all his chains simply by praying over them

• one Christmas night a severe storm kept the local priest from reaching the convent; Giuliana prayed about the problem; an angel carrying the Christ child appeared to the nuns, announcing the birth of Jesus





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Blessed Juliana of Collalto