Blessed Giulia Valle

Blessed Giulia ValleAlso known as

  • Sister Nemesia



Daughter of Anselmo Valle and Cristina Dalbar who both worked in the family’s milliner‘s shop; she had one brother, Vincent. But her mother died when Giulia was four, and she was raised by relatives in Aosta and Donnas in Italy. Educated at Besançon, France by the Sisters of Charity. Her father re-married and moved to Pont Saint Martin; Giulia returned to live with her family, but relations were strained, and she even became estranged from her brother. Soon after, the Sisters of Charity established a house in Pont Saint Martin; Giulia felt drawn to their life, and when her father arranged her a well-placed marriage, it forced her to make the final decision for religious life instead.

She began her novitiate at the monastery of Santa Margherita on 8 September 1866, taking the name of Sister Nemesia. Assigned to Saint Vincent’s Institute in Tortona, Italy. Taught general education in elementary school, French in high school. Worked in the local orphanage, and acted as a guiding older sister to many young soldiers stationed in Tortona. Superior of her house at age 40. Novice mistress at Borgaro Torinese for 13 years, leading 500 new sisters into religious life.





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Jesus strip me of myself, let me be wrapped in you. Jesus I live for you, and I die for you. Blessed Giulia

Keep a quick pace, without looking behind and concentrate on the one goal: God Alone! To Him the glory, to the others joy, for me to pay the price, never make others suffer. I shall be very strict with myself and full of charity towards the others: love gratuitously offered is the only thing that remains. – Blessed Giulia

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