Blessed Giulia Crostarosa

detail of a devotional illustration of Blessed Giulia Crostarosa, c.1910, artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Julia Crostarosa
  • Sister Maria Celeste of the Holy Redeemer



Tenth of twelve children in her family. At age 20, she and her sister entered the Carmelite monastery of Marigliano, Italy. When it was suppressed five years later, she moved to a monastery at Scala, Italy, taking the name Sister Maria Celeste. On 25 April 1725, while still a novice, she had a series of visions in which saw a new congregation of nuns, and even was given its Rule. Co-founder of the Order of Redemptoristine Nuns on 13 May 1731.





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