Blessed Giles of Santarem

Blessed Giles of SantaremAlso known as

  • Giles of Portugal
  • Giles of Santarém
  • Giles of Vauzela
  • Egigio…
  • Egidius…
  • Gil…



Son of Rodrigo Pelayo Valladaris, governor of Coimbra, Portugal and councillor to King Sancho I. Though his family encouraged him to entered the priesthood, and his royal connections provided him with several benefices and prebends, Gil had no interest. He studied medicine and necromancy; one of his biographers claimed Gil made a blood-sign pact with the devil for knowledge and skills, and that he renounced it only when a spectral knight appeared to him and ordered to change his life. Whether it was a real or metaphorical description, Gil did return to Christianity and studied theology in Paris, France. Joined the Dominicans at Palencia, Spain. Dominican provincial for Spain.




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