Blessed Gautier of Bruges

Also known as

  • Guatier Van den Zande
  • Gautier of Poitiers
  • Gualterus Brugensis
  • Gualterus de Brugge
  • Galtier…
  • Gauthier…
  • Gualterus…
  • Gualtiero…
  • Walter…



Member of the Franciscans, joining at the convent of Bruges, Belgium c.1240. Studied in Paris, France where he was the spiritual student of Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio. He taught theology and served as regent master in Paris from 1267 to 1269. Franciscan provincial minister for France in 1269. Part of the Franciscan general chapters in Lyon, France in 1274, Padua, Italy in 1276, and Assisi, Italy in 1279. Wrote a number of theological works, some of which have survived to today.

Chosen bishop of Poitiers, France by Pope Nicholas III on 4 December 1279; he served for over 25 years. Bishop Gautier was known as an able administrator, for his charity to the poor, and for his defense of the papal and Church rights against incursion from secular authorities. Resigning in 1305, Gautier retired to a convent in Poitiers to spend his remaining years as a prayerful Franciscan monk. Known as a miracle worker and healer.





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