Blessed Francisca de Paula de Jesus Isabel

[Venerable Francisca de Paula de Jesus Isabel]Also known as

  • Nha Chica
  • Nhá Chica of Baependi



Lay person of the diocese of Campanha, Brazil. Her mother died when the girl was 10, and she gave herself over to the care of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Never learned to read or write, never joined a congregation, but lived an impoverished, celibate life like a modern anchoress in Baependi, Brazil, devoting all her time and effort to the construction of a church dedicated to Mary.


  • 1810 in São João del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil


  • 14 June 1895 in Baependi, Minas Gerais, Brazil of natural causes
  • entombed in the church she helped build
  • the smell of perfume reported at her tomb at the time of burial and again when it was opened in 1998



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