Blessed Francis of Fabriano

detail from 'Blessed Francis Venimneni Celebrating Mass for Souls in Purgatory', by Giuseppe Cades, late 18th century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkAlso known as

  • Francis Venimbeni



Born to a wealthy family, the son of Compagno Venimbeni, a physician, and Margaret di Federico. Studied humanities and philosophy, then joined the Franciscans in 1267, at age 16; he spent part of his novitiate studying under the companions of Saint Francis of Assisi. Friar. Priest who offered his Masses for souls in Purgatory. Missionary in the region of his house. A man of endless prayer and work, he insisted that this brother friars stay strictly orthodox in their preaching and teaching, and to insure they had the proper background, used his family money to purchase an extensive library for them. Wrote on matters of theology and philosophy, but only time scraps of his work have survived.




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