Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan

Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross JordanAlso known as

  • Johann Baptist Jordan
  • Franziskus Maria of the Cross Jordan



Johann grew up in a poor family, and in his youth he worked as a wandering laborer and house painter. As he travelled, he realized how many people were falling away from the Church due to the German government’s restrictions known as Kulturkampf. This led him to feel a call to religious studies, and he was ordained a priest in 1878. In Rome, Italy he learned Hebrew, Greek, Syrian, Aramaic, Coptic and Arabic. He founded the Apostolic Teaching Society (Catholic Teaching Society) on 8 December 1881, taking the name Francis Mary of the Cross. He worked with Blessed Maria Therese von Wüllenweber to found the Sisters of the Divine Savior (Salvatorian Sisters) in 1888. In 18921893, he founded the Società del Divin Salvatore (Society of the Divine Savior). In 1915, because World War I limited his communication with the Salvatorian communities, he was forced to flee from Rome to Tafers in neutral Switzerland where he lived the rest of his life. The Salvatorians continue their good work today with about 2,500 Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in dozens of countries.






  • against bone disease
  • Apostolic Teaching Society
  • Sisters of the Divine Savior
  • Society of the Divine Savior

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