Blessed Francinaina Cirer-Carbonell

Blessed Francinaina Cirer-CarbonellAlso known as

  • Francinaina of the Sorrowful Mother of God
  • Saint of Sencelles



Youngest of six children born to Paulo Cirer and Joan Carbonell, Francinaina grew up in a pious home. She received no formal education, and never learned to read or write. She was Confirmed in 1788 at age 7, made her first Communion in 1791 at age 10. She became a Franciscan Tertiary in 1798 when she was 17. She felt a call to the religious life, but family obligations kept her at home, so she simply helped the poor, taught catechism, visited the sick, and did other works of mercy as a committed lay person. She joined the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament in her parish in 1813. People noticed her piety and work, and sought her spiritual advice; she became noted for helping reconcile troubled marriages. On 7 December 1851, with two like-minded local women, she founded the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul of Mallorca, taking the name Francinaina of the Sorrowful Mother of God. Known to receive visions of angels, and was once seen to levitate while in prayer.





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