Blessed Francesc de Paula Castelló Aleu

Blessed Francesc de Paula Castelló AleuMemorial


Lifelong layperson in the diocese of Lleida, Spain. Youngest of three children, his father died when Francesc was an infant. Educated by Marists in Lleida, Catalonia, and then by Jesuits at the Chemical Intitute in Barcelona, Spain. During his college years in Oviedo, he became politically active, and continued working with the Jesuits. Member of the Federation of Young Christians of Catalonia. Member of Catholic Action. Worked as a chemist in Lleida. Engaged to Maria Pelegri. Drafted into the army just before the start of the Spanish Civil War. Imprisoned on the night of 2122 July 1936 by antiCatholic militiamen. Dragged before a “people’s court”, he refused to renounce his faith. Martyr.





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