Blessed Florencio López Egea

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Baptized at the age of two days. He studied in the Colegio de San Juan Almería and the San Indalecio Seminary. Ordained a priest in the diocese of Almería, Spain in December 1907. He was known for a great devotion to the Virgin Mary, and was known to compose songs about her that he used to teach catechism. Father Florencio served in a series of parishes for nearly 30 years.

At the start of the Spanish Civil War, friends tried to get him to flee to Argentina, but he thought that would be abandoning his parishioners, so stayed and tried to hide from the antiCatholic forces. He was found and seized by militiamen on a family farm in the Barranco del Nero on the night of 16 August 1936. As they marched him off into the dark, Florencio sang “Save the Spanish People in Haste”, one of his songs to Mary. His kidnappers beat him, stabbed him in the eyes with cactus thorns, and cut off his body parts, all the while ordering Father Florencio to renounce his faith; he refused. Martyr.





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Viva Christo Rey! (“Long live Christ the King!”) – what Blessed Florencio repeatedly shouted as he was being tortured by his abductors on the night he died
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