Blessed Faustino Oteiza Segura

Blessed Faustino Oteiza SeguraAlso known as

  • Faustino of Our Lady of Sorrows



Son of Isidoro Oteiza and Angela Segura. Baptized at the age of one day. Studied at the Piarist College of Estella, Spain. A bout of pneumonia when he was 14 was so sever that he was given last rites, but managed to recover. Entered the Piarist novitiate on 9 November 1905 at Peralta de la Sal, Spain, and made his solemn vows on 15 July 1912. Priest, ordained on 14 September 1913 in Terrassa, Spain. Novice master at Peralta de la Sal, Spain. Primary school teacher for several years. Had a great devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, but never let it interfere with his work. Arrested on 23 July 1936 with his entire religious community in the persections of the Spanish Civil War; he spent his time in prison writing letters, all of which report that he and his brothers never lost their faith. Martyr.



  • shot in the afternoon of 9 August 1936 in Azanuy, Huesca, Spain
  • body doused with gasoline and set on fire
  • remains buried in Azanuy



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