Blessed Eystein Erlandsön

Blessed Eystein ErlandsonAlso known as

  • Augustine Erlandsön
  • Augustinus Nidrosiensis
  • Øystein Erlendsson



Born to the nobility, he studied in France. Priest. Court chaplain in the reign of King Inge Korkrygg. First archbishop of Nidaros (modern Trondheim), Norway in 1157; his suffragan dioceses included all of Iceland and Greenland. His reign was a constant fight to keep the Church separate from political influence, which required reform of the clergy in the region. Crowned the young king Magnus V. Political struggles forced him into three years of exile in England. Wrote a biography of Saint Olaf II. Expanded Christ Church cathedral, and established the administrative functions of the archdiocese.



  • 1188 in Nidaros, (modern Trondheim), Norway of natural causes
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