Blessed Esperanza de Jesus

Venerable Esperanza de JesusMemorial

Also known as

  • Giuseppa Alhama Valera
  • María Esperanza Of Jesus
  • María Josefa Alhama Valera
  • Speranza di Gesù


Founded the Handmaids of Merciful Love in 1930. Founded the Sons of Merciful Love in 1951.






Father of Mercy and God of all consolation, we thank you because, through the life and the word of the Mother Esperanza of Jesus, you call us to your Merciful Love. Give us the same confidence in your paternal love and, if it is in your plans to give her the glory that you offer to whoever is faithful to your Spirit and reveals Jesus’ goodness to the world, through her intercession, grant to us the grace…(ask for the grace you wish to obtain through the intercession of the Mother Esperanza). We ask this of you, trusting in the help of Mary, Mediatrix of the Mercy we will sing eternally. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be) – prayer for the intercession of Mother Esperanza, nulla obstat by Bishop Decio Lucio Grandoni, Diocese of Orvieto-Todi, 8 February 1984

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