Blessed Enrique Morant Pellicer

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Born to a deeply religious family, Enrique attended a Catholic high school in Gandia, Spain, began studying architecture in Madrid, Spain, but finally gave in to a call to the priesthood. Ordained in the archdiocese of Valencia, Spain in 1933. Parish priest in Barig where he revitalized parish life, started a library and choir, and concentrated on youth ministry. Brought Catholic Action to the area. When the antiChristian persecutions of the Spanish Civil War began in 1936, he had to give up parish life, and worked in administration in Valencia. When the persecutions began in earnest there, he withdrew to live with his family. At 11am on 3 October 1936, he was arrested for the crime of priesthood, given a “trial”, admitted his vocation, and later in the evening executed. Martyr.





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