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Son of Italian immigrants. He entered the seminary of Our Lady of Loreto at age 15, studied in Rome, Italy, and then was ordained a priest on 9 October 1949 at Rome for the diocese of Córdoba, Argentina. He served as a parish priest in Córdoba, founded youth groups, and ministering to the poor in their own neighborhoods.

Chosen Auxiliary Bishop of Córdoba and Titular Bishop of Lystra by Pope John XXIII on 12 December 1960. He became involved in renewal of the faith and parish life, and in labor union conflicts; this led to his arrest. Part in the first, third, and fourth sessions of the Second Vatican Council in 1962, 1964, and 1965. In 1965, to get him away from conflict with the civil authorities, he was relieved of part of his duties and exiled to serve as chaplain to a convent of Adoratrices at the Colegio Villa Eucharistica.

Chosen bishop of La Rioja, Argentina on 3 July 1968 by Pope Paul VI. There he encouraged the working classes to unionize, form co-operatives, farm idle lands, and generally join together to improve their lot, even against the prerogatives of the ruling class.

On 13 June 1973 Bishop Enrico was forced to abandon a church and flee when a mob broke in during services and began to stone him in retaliation for his work. He declared an interdict against the leaders and their supporters; he received the full support of his priests, but not his national conference of bishops, and the papal nuncio openly sided with those under interdict. Angelelli knew he was being targeted for assassination by the military for his opposition to the government, and he was right. On 4 August 1976 while driving a truck home with Father Arturo Pinto, coming from a Mass in El Chamical that had been celebrated for two murdered priests, Blessed Carlos de Dios Murias and Blessed Gabriel Longueville, Angelelli was intentionally wrecked by other vehicles, and then beaten to death in the road. His was one of many murders committed during the Argentinian Dirty War, was listed as a traffic accident, and it wasn’t until a decade later, on 19 June 1986, when a new, more democratic government was in power, that the death was officially declared a murder. The investigation and court battles continued for decades more before finally, on 5 July 2014, Commander Menéndez and Luis Estrella, who had headed the Air Force base and torture center at El Chamical, were sentenced to life for Angelelli’s murder.





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