Blessed Emilia Bicchieri

detail of an antique Italian holy card of Blessed Emilia Bicchieri, date and artist unkown; swiped from Santi e BeatiMemorial


Four of seven daughters born to the wealthy Ghibelline patrician family of Pietro Bicchieri. Emilia was well educated, and early on showed a she was drawn to religious life, withdrawing to her room for hours of prayer. Her mother died when Emilia was still a girl, and her father became even more protective, and initially objected to Emilia becoming a nun. He eventually realized her true calling, and funded the construction of the Dominican monastery of Santa Margherita in Vercelli, Italy. Emilia entered the abbey as a Dominican nun at age 18. She was repeatedly chosen to serve as prioress of the house, but repeatedly refused and concentrated on menial domestic service to her sisters. She finally became prioress in 1273. She always had, and always promoted, devotion to the Eurcharist, the Passion, and Blessed Virgin Mary.





Do everything for God alone. Blessed Emilia’s service motto as a Dominican

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