Blessed Emericus of Quart

reliquary of Blessed Emericus of Quart, date, artist and photographer unknown; cathedral of Aosta, Italy; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Émeric
  • Emerico



Born to the Italian nobility, the son of James II, lord of the region of Quart, Italy; two of his brothers also had lives in religion. Emericus studied theology in his youth, and earned a doctorate. He then lived as a hermit, dedicated to prayer and contemplation in an area now known as Valsainte, and which became the site of a oratory and pilgrimages. Cathedral canon at Sant’Orso in the late 13th century. Bishop of Aosta, Italy in 1301. He was noted for his austere life and his zeal for the salvation of souls.




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