Blessed Elizabeth Achler

Blessed Elizabeth AchlerAlso known as

  • Betha the Good
  • Betha von Reute
  • Elisabeth Acheer
  • Elisabeth Achlin
  • Elisabeth Bona von Reute
  • Elisabeth den Gode
  • Elisabeth the Good
  • Elizabeth Acheer
  • Elizabeth of Reute
  • Elizabeth the Good
  • Elizabeth the Recluse
  • Elsbeth Achler
  • Elsbeth Achlin
  • Elsbeth von Reute



Born poor, the daughter of John and Anne Achler. Franciscan tertiary at age 14, but found it hard to lead a religious life while living with her parents. At age 17 she joined four other tertiaries in a community in Reute, Germany; she lived there the rest of her life. For most of her life she was subject to ecstasies, and received visions of heaven, hell and purgatory. Stigmatist whose wounds hurt constantly, but which bled on Fridays and during Lent. Had the gift of inedia, eating nothing but the Eucharist for long periods.





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