Blessed Elias del Socorro Nieves

Blessed Elias del Socorro NievesAlso known as

  • Mateo Elias Nieves



Born a sickly baby in a deeply religious peasant family; had to be quickly baptized as they did not think he would survive. Nearly died of tuberculosis at age 12. His father died soon after, and Elias had to support the family. Admitted to the Augustinian college of Yuriria at age 22, considerably older than the standard admission age. Took vows in 1911 as Elias del Socorro. Ordained on 9 April 1916. Parochial vicar of the village of La Canada de Caracheo in 1921. During the government persecution of the Church, he refused to a city where he could be controlled; moving instead to nearby hills where he continued to serve his parish, usually under cover of dark. Arrested with some pious laymen, and martyred on the side of the road for his faith and service.






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Long live Christ the King! Blessed Elias’ dying words

Every priest who preaches the Word of God in times of persecution has no escape; he will die like Jesus on the Cross, with arms tied. Blessed Elias

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