Blessed Douceline of Digne

Also known as

  • Douceline of Hyères
  • Douceline of Marseille



Daughter of Berengarius of Digne, a prosperous merchant, and Huguette of Barjols; the couple was known for their piety and charity. Following the death of her parents, she moved to Hyères, France, and was drawn to the spirituality of the Franciscans who had recently moved into the area; she sometimes stayed at a Poor Clare convent. She spent her time caring for the sick and poor, and her personal property dwindled to the clothes on her back and a pile of straw she used for a bed.

Learning of the Beguine life, she adopted their habit. She attracted a number of like-minded women who became the community of Beguines in Hyères known as the “Ladies of Roubaud”, named after a river that flowed near where they met. In 1240, Douceline took vows of virginity and poverty, and became leader of the “Ladies”. In 1250, with the invitation and help of her brother, Hugues of Digne, a Franciscan friar who wrote the rule of the group, she established a Beguine house in Marseille, France. Her reputation for holy wisdom spread, she became a counsellor to people of all stations, was known to levitate while in prayer, and though she never joined the Franciscans, the local brothers and sisters considered her one of their own.


  • 1214 in Digne-les-Bains, Provence (in modern France)



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