Blessed Dorothy of Montau

Blessed Dorothy of MontauAlso known as

  • Dorota z Matowów
  • Dorothea of Montau
  • Dorothea Swartz
  • Dorothea von Montau
  • Dorthea von Montau



Peasant, one of nine children. Married at age 17 to a wealthy swordsmith named Adalbert or Albrecht of Prague (in modern Czech Republic). Bore nine children, only one of whom survived; the girl became a Benedictine nun. Difficult marriage; she suffered abuse from her husband, but she encouraged him in his trade and his faith. Went on a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy in 1389, fell ill, and was forced to stay for many weeks, during which time her husband died at home. Widow. Nun at Marienwerser. Great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament; the absorption of the Eucharist “agitated her like boiling water; had she been allowed, she would willingly have torn the host from the priest‘s hands to bring it to her mouth….” Lived in a 6×9 foot cell. Visionary. Prophetess. Miracle worker.






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