Blessed Diana d’Andalo

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Born to a wealthy and politically connected land owner. We know nothing of her childhood, but was known as a beautiful, intelligent and happy young woman. Influenced by the preaching of Blessed Reginald, she joined the Dominicans, and was received into the Order by Saint Dominic de Guzman himself, but her family forced her to stay home. She joined the Augustinians at Roxana, Italy, but was abducted and taken home by her family; Diana was injured in the abduction, but later escaped from home and returned to the Augustinians. Blessed Jordan of Saxony met with her family and convinced them that the way to keep the girl close to them was to build a Dominican convent; in 1222 they helped her found the monastery of Saint Agnes in Bologna, Italy on land her father owned. She and several other sisters, including Blessed Cecilia of Bologna and Blessed Amata of Bologna lived out their days there. Diana and Blessed Jordan kept up a correspondence that lasted for years and dozens of letters, many of which survive today.





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