Blessed Cristóbal López de Valladolid Orea

Blessed Cristóbal López de Valladolid OreaAlso known as

  • Cristóbal of Saint Catherine



One of six brothers born to a poor farming family. He was known as a pious child, and at age 7 or 8 he ran away from home, planning to join the Friars Minor; his mother sent his brothers to find him and bring him back. He served as an altar boy as often as he could, and when old enough he worked as a nurse in a hospital run by the Order of Saint John of God. Ordained a priest on 20 March 1663 in Badajoz, Spain. Military chaplain to the Spanish army that was fighting in Portugal, but ill health forced him to return home. In 1667 he became a hermit in the mountains of El Bañuelo, and after studying the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi, he joined the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis in 1671, taking the name Cristóbal of Saint Catherine. Founded the Franciscan Hospitallers of Jesus the Nazarene in Córdoba, Spain on 11 February 1673 to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the sick; they received approval from Pope Benedict XIV in 1746. Father Cristóbal died holding a crucifix, a victim of cholera which he caught while tending to other patients during an epidemic.






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