Blessed Conrad of Ascoli

Blessed Conrad of AscoliAlso known as

  • Conrad de’Miliani
  • Conrad of Ascoli Piceno



Born to the Italian nobility. Lifelong friend of Girolamo d’Ascoli, the future Pope Nicholas IV. The two joined the Franciscan Friars Minor in Ascoli, Italy, studied together in Assisi, Italy and then Perugia, Italy. Conrad earned a doctorate in theology and was assigned to teach in Rome, Italy. Known for a devotion to the Holy Trinity and his austere lifestyle. Assigned as a missionary to Libya in 1274, but his health began to fail, and he was recalled to Europe. He and Girolamo were assigned as papal legates to the court of the King of France. While teaching theology at Paris, France, he preached in the street and ministered to the sick in hospitals. When Girolamo ascended to become Pope Nicholas, he wished to make Conrad a cardinal, but Conrad died before he could reach Rome.





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