Blessed Concepcion Cabrera de Armida

Blessed Concepcion Cabrera de ArmidaAlso known as

  • Conchita
  • María Concepción Cabrera Arias de Armida
  • María de la Concepción Cabrera Arias de Armida



Born during the Mexican Civil War, she grew up during the Revolution and the religious persecutions that were a part of it. Lay woman, married 22 years to the same man. Mother of nine children. Widowed at age 39. Grandmother. Founder of the Obra de la Cruz (Work of the Cross) which includes

  • the Apostolate of the Cross founded on 3 May 1895,
  • the Congregation of Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus founded in 1897,
  • the Alliance of Love with the Heart of Jesus founded in 1909,
  • the Apostolic League founded in 1912, and
  • the Congregation of Missionaries of the Holy Spirit founded in 1914.

Though her children claim they rarely saw her take the time to write, she left 65,000 hand-written pages of mystical meditations.






  • I Am: Euchararistic Meditations on the Gospel


She is a woman of our time, who comes to cry out to us that one can be a saint outside the convent. Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Archbishop of Mexico

I carry within me three lives, all very strong: family life with its multiple sorrows of a thousand kinds, that is, the life of a mother; the life of the Works of the Cross with all its sorrows and weight, which at times crushes me until I have no strength left; and the life of the spirit or interior life, which is the heaviest of all, with its highs and lows, its tempests and struggles, its light and darkness. Blessed be God for everything! – Venerable Conchita

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