Blessed Clare Agolanti of Rimini

the vision of Blessed Clare of RiminiAlso known as

  • Chiara Agolanti
  • Clare of Rimini
  • Clara of Rimini
  • Klara of Rimini



Born to the nobility. Married twice, she spent most of her time in dissolute, sinful pleasures. When her father and brother were executed in civil disturbances, Clare changed her life completely. She became a Franciscan tertiary and founded a convent, though she never became a nun. In an attempt to make up for her earlier life, she practiced penances that were considered extreme even by 14th century standards, and once sold herself into slavery so she could use the money to buy a man out of prison; the local judge commuted the man’s sentence, had the money returned, and Clare was freed.

Legend says that once when some nuns of Rimini were freezing without fuel for their fires, Clare went into the woods, picked up a huge log, and started carrying it to the convent. A relative stopped her and said that it was beneath her dignity as a noble woman to carry wood like a servant. Clare said that if Jesus could carry great pieces of wood to Golgotha for the sake of sinners like her, she could hardly balk at carrying it for the brides of Christ.




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