Blessed Clara Isabella Fornari

Also known as

  • Anna Felecia Fornari
  • Chiara Fornari



Novice in the Poor Clares of Todi, Italy at age 15, and took her vows under the name Clara Isabella at 16. Given to long and frequent ecstatic visions of Jesus, Our Lady, Saint Clare of Assisi, and Saint Catherine of Siena. During one of these, Jesus placed a ring on her finger, and pronounced her his “spouse of sorrow.”

Stigmatist, with constant marks and periodic bleeding. Her head was weighted with a mystical crown of thorns that invisibly, but painfully, grew through the skin until the thorns popped through and fell, leaving bleeding open wounds.

Driven to depression and despair from the pain, she was tempted to apostasy and suicide. Toward the end of her short life she even lost the memories of her earlier, consoling visits from Heaven. However, not long before she died the memories of those earlier, ecstatic times returned to her, her joy in God returned, and she went happily into the next life.



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