Blessed Clara Fey

Blessed Clara FeyAlso known as

  • Klara



Fourth of five children born to Louis and Katherine Fey; her father was a wealthy textile industrialist who died of a stroke in 1820 when Clara was five years old. The girl grew up well off, but became acutely concerned about the plight of the poor in her city. Her family was active in the Church; Clara’s brother became a priest, and she was acquainted with Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt and Blessed Franziska Schervier. In 1835 she began reading the work of Saint Teresa of Ávila, and was drawn to Carmelite spirituality. In 1837 she and some like-minded friends she set up a school for poor children in Aachen, Germany. In 1841, following the recommendation of her spiritual director, she began studying the work of Saint Francis de Sales. Founded the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus on 2 February 1844 in Aachen with a Rule based on the teaching of Saint Augustine, and with a mission to educate children in religion and in secular matters in a religious environment; Mother Clara served the rest of her life as their first superior. She received diocesan approval on 28 January 1848 and made her profession in 1850. The Sisters received a papal decree of praise on 11 July 1862 from Pope Pius IX; in 1875, during the antiCatholic German Kulturkampf, the Sisters moved to Simpelveld, Netherlands, though there are plans to move back to Aachen in the near future; they received full papal approval from Pope Leo XIII on 15 June 1888, and continue their good work today with over 500 sisters in 12 nations of Europe, South America, and Asia.






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