Blessed Christina of Stommeln

Blessed Christina of StommelnAlso known as

  • Christina Bruzo
  • Christina Bruso
  • Kristina Bruso
  • Kristina Bruzo



Born to wealthy farmers Heinrich and Hilla Bruso. Though she learned to read, Christina could not write. At the age of five she received a vision of Jesus, and at age ten believed that she became a bride of Christ. When she was 12, the girl‘s parents arranged a marriage for her, but she ran off to become a Beguine nun in Cologne, Germany; her extravagant piety caused the nuns to question her sanity, and Christina went home where she taken in by the parish priest, Johannes. Throughout her life she and people near her would be tormented by what were considered demonic attacks – she was thrown around the room, her feet stabbed by invisible forces, and similar physical attacks. She received the stigmata in 1268, and it would return each Easter thereafter. In 1288 the mystical experiences ended and Christina spent the rest of her life living as a cloistered Beguine nun. The Swedish Dominican monk, Peter of Dacia, was a long-time correspondent and recorded many of the incidents involving her.





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