Blessed Charles of Sayn

Also known as

  • Charles of Cologne
  • Charles of Heisterbach
  • Charles of Hemmerode
  • Charles of Hocht
  • Charles of Villers
  • Carolus…
  • Karl…



Son of a wealthy merchant from Cologne, Germany. Trained as a soldier. Knight. On his way home from a jousting tournament, he finally gave into the call to religious life and became a Cistercian monk at Hemmerode in 1185. Prior of Heisterbach Abbey in 1189. Abbot of Villers Abbey in Brabant in 1197. He was gentle but very firm in sticking to the Rule of his house. Supervised construction at the abbeys. Believing he was soon to die, he resigned his positions in 1209, and returned to Hemmerode. He lived another three years in quiet prayer.



  • 1212 at Hemmerode of natural causes
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