Blessed Ceslas Odrowaz

19th century holy card of Blessed Ceslas bringing the drowned child back to life, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Ceslaus of Cracow
  • Ceslaus of Krakow
  • Ceslaus of Poland
  • Ceslaus of Wroclaw
  • Czeslaw



Relative, possibly the brother, of Saint Hyacinth. Studied at Prague in Bohemia, and Bologna, Italy. Ordained in Cracow, Poland. Doctor of canon law and of theology. Canon of the cathedral at Cracow. Provost of Sandomir. Noted spiritual advisor. Friar Preacher, receiving the habit from Saint Dominic de Guzman himself.

Director of vocations at the Dominican convent at Prague; when the congregation outgrew the convent, Ottakar I built them a larger one. Content that he had established a firm foundation in Prague, Ceslas returned to Wroclaw, Poland where he received a hero’s welcome from the public and church officials. Spiritual director of Saint Hedwig of Poland. Travelling preacher through Moravia, Saxony, Prussia, and Pomerania. Noted for teaching the warrior class to practice Christian charity while pursuing a violent career. His prayers cured many, including the blind and mute, and reportedly brought a drowned child back to life. The successful resistance of the Mongols by the people of Wroclaw in 1240 is attributed to the prayers of Ceslas.

Ceslas was well-known and highly regarded throughout the region during and after his lifetime. However, when non-Catholics took over Silesia many years later, primary records concerning him were burned.

Ceslas’s Cause for beatification was brought more than once before the Congregation. The lack of the original records, and the rather extraordinary nature of the claims made for him, caused the Congregation to delay approval for many decades.





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