Blessed Carlo Liviero

Blessed Carlo LivieroAlso known as

  • Hammer of Socialism (a nickname given by his parishioners)



Son of a railway worker. Baptized on 30 May 1866. Entered seminary in Padua, Italy in October 1881. Ordained on 22 December 1888. Assigned to Gallio, Italy where he worked with boys who seemed to have a vocation to the priesthood. Archpriest of Gallio in 1890. Transferred to the impoverished parish of Agna in Padua in 1900, he worked with his parishioners to be bring out the best in their human and spiritual gifts. Fought against the rising socialist anti-Christian, anti-clerical movement. Bishop of Città di Castello, Italy from 8 January 1910 until his death 24 years later. In that position he continued to fight against socialists, secularists and anti-Church forces. Built schools for the poor in 1910, 1915 and 1920, a library in 1919, and a summer camp in Pesaro, Italy for the poor, sick and disabled in 1925. Founded the Congregation of the Little Servants of the Sacred Heart to work in these schools and more; they received papal approval on 16 October 1916. Cared for those displaced in World War I, founded a newspaper for the laity and one for his priests.





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