Blessed Burchard of Beinwil



Educated at the Benedictine monastery near his home village. Had some connection to the Kappel monastery as he is mentioned in their records. Parish priest in Beinwil, Switzerland. Known as a miracle worker, but primarily for his decades of concern for the physical and spiritual well-being of his parishioners.

Legend says that Burchard raised a wild bird from a chick (an owl, crow or jackdaw; records vary), and taught it not only to speak, but to hold conversations with him. When his household fell into evil and dissolute ways while Burchard was gone, the bird told the priest what it had witnessed. The servants killed the bird and threw the carcass into a mine shaft near the vicarage. The dead bird returned to him and managed to explain what had happened and who had done it.

Burchard once travelled to the nearby village to Unterhorben to minister to a dying woman. He was met on the road by a messenger who told him that the woman had died and he need not continue. Father Burchard went on to the house, prayed over the woman, and she came back to life long enough to receive the final sacraments and blessings.






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