Blessed Bruna Pellesi

Blessed Bruna PellesiAlso known as

  • Sister Maria Rosa of Jesus



Youngest of nine children. When her two sisters-in-law died, the teenaged Bruna helped raised their six small children. On 27 August 1940 she joined the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Christ (formerly Franciscan Sisters of Sant’Onofrio), taking the name Maria Rosa of Jesus. Taught elementary school in Sassuolo, Italy from 1942 to 1945. Known for working endlessly as a way to suppress her ego. Taught for a few months at the parish school in Ferrara, Italy in 1945, but contracted tuberculosis and was hospitalized, transferred to a series of sanitoriums, and finally confined for the rest of her days where she fought the disease and helped her sisters with their spiritual development. Made three pilgrimages to Lourdes.





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In recompense, my heart sings and I am very happy. Blessed Bruna discussing her health problems

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