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Sixth of the eleven children of John Markiewicz and Marianna Gryziecka; his father was the mayor of Pruchnik, Poland. Raised in a pious family, but at one point nearly lost his faith due to the anti-Church atmosphere of his school. Seminarian at Przemysl in 1863. Ordained in the diocese of Przemysl for Latins on 15 September 1867. Parish priest at Harta and the cathedral of Przemysl for six years. Studied at the University of Leopoli and University of Cracow. Parish priest at Gac in 1875. Parish priest at Blazowa in 1877. Taught pastoral theology at the seminary at Przemysl in 1882.

Joined the Salesians near Turin, Italy in November 1885, making his final vows on 25 March 1887. Spiritual student of Saint John Bosco. Contracted tuberculosis in 1889, and nearly died. Returned to Poland on 23 March 1892 where he served as parish priest at Miejsce Piastowe and began a concerted effort at youth ministry. Started a trade school for poor and orphaned boys, and soon had hundreds of children in his care. Founded the Society of Moderation and Work in 1898 to work with youth based on the spirituality of Saint John Bosco; the associated magazine Moderation and Work began publication on 16 July 1898. Opened an orphanage in Pawlikowice which soon had over 400 residents. The endless work finally broke his health, and at age 69 he lost his battle with consumption.





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