Blessed Bertha de’Alberti of Cavriglia

detail from a Blessed Bertha de'Alberti of Cavriglia holy card; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Bertha de Bardi
  • Bertha de’Alberti
  • Bertha d’Alberti
  • Bertha of Cavriglia
  • Berta…



Daughter of Lothario di Ugo, Count of Vernio. Vallombrosan Benedictine nun at the Saint Felicitas convent in Florence, Italy. Worked with Blessed Qualdo Galli. Reforming abbess of the convent of Santa Maria de Cavriglia in Fiesole, Italy in 1153; she served there for her final ten years during which the house grew in numbers and reputation for spirituality. She set such an example for other Vallombrosan leaders that she is considered the founder of the female branch.




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